The earliest written accounts of this breed goes back to the time of Marco Polo, who wrote of a “furry chicken” while he was traveling in Asia in the 13th century.

The breed was officially recognized in North America with its acceptance into the “Standard of Perfection” in 1874. This standard of perfection calls for males to be no more than 36 ounces and females to be 32 ounces. The feathering on the silkie is said to resemble silk as it lacks the functioning barbicels of regular feathers and makes it more like down. The overall result is a soft fluffy appearance.

Silkies come in a rainbow of colors, bearded and non bearded, walnut combs, black skin and blue earlobes. Silkies also have 5 toes on each foot.

Silkies make excellent brood hens and great mothers. For this reason, many people keep them around for the express purpose of hatching other breeds of chickens eggs.

Their temperament is gentle and mild. They lay a large number of small cream colored eggs.

Eggs, when available, are $30.00 per dozen.

Chicks are $8.00 each for local pickup/delivery only.