Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles are classified as a heavy breed.  They have a beard, muffs and feathered feet as well as 5 toes per foot instead of the customary 4.  Faverolles come in other colors, we work with the Salmon variant.  Other varieties including white, black, ermine, cuckoo, splash and blue can also be found. 

In Salmon Faverolles, males are darker, with black, brown and straw colored feathers. Females are straw and white feathered.  Because of the dependable color difference between the sexes, chick sex can be determined at a young age.

This is an extremely gentle and sweet-natured breed and also make excellent 4-H birds.

Hens are good winter layers of medium sized light brown to pinkish colored eggs.  Roosters will weigh about 8 lbs with hens going 6 to 7.

Eggs, when available, are $50.00 per dozen.

Salmon faverolles chicks are $14.00 for pullets and $10.00 for cockerels.  Local pickup/delivery only.