Wyandottes are an American breed that was developed in the late 1800’s in the state of New York. The original color was the silver-laced variety and all other colors descend from that variation. There is a bit of a mystery as to what all went into the creation of the breed but it is known that dark brahma and silver spangled hamburgs were used. The blue-laced reds are a fairly recent color development of the breed.

Wyandottes lay upwards of 200 eggs per year and are good winter layers. They are cold hardy, bear confinement well and are docile in temperament.

Wyandottes should have a rose comb, yellow legs and heavy feathering. They are a large, dual-purpose breed.

There are 3 color variants possible when breeding Blue-Laced Red Wyandottes. These variations, or “phases” are Blue, Splash and Black. When purchasing hatching eggs, please be aware that any of the 3 colors will be possible. The only way to assure nothing but dark blue chicks is to breed a splash to a black!

Hatching eggs, when available, are $50. per dozen.

Chicks are $10.00 each . Local pickup/delivery only.