The Bielefelder is, quite frankly, all you could ever ask for in a chicken, wrapped up in a large, sweet package!

Developed in Germany in 1970 by blending Barred Rock, Maline, New Hampshire and Rhode Island Reds, it is a very large , docile breed with the added functionality of being a true auto-sexing breed. What that means for you is that within minutes of drying off, you will know the sex of your chicks.  Even considering their large size, you still get a bonus of eggs by 7 months. The hens will continue to grow until they are a year old and the eggs increase in size their second laying season.  These girls average 230 eggs per year.

Chick prices are $18.00 each for pullet chicks and $12.00 each for cockerel chicks.  Eggs, when available, are $80.00 per dozen plus shipping.

Chicks are local pickup/delivery only.  Eggs can be shipped.