The Bielefelder breed is, quite frankly, all you could ever ask for in a chicken, wrapped up in a large sweet package.

Developed in Germany in 1970 by blending Barred Rock, Maline, New Hampshire and Rhode Island Reds, it is a very large, docile breed, with the added functionality of being a true auto-sexing breed. That means that you will know the sex of your chicks the minute they dry off. For as large as they are, you also get the bonus of early maturing with hens laying their first eggs by 7 months of age or so. They average 230 eggs per year per hen.

Chick prices are $18.00 for pullet chicks and $12.00 per cockerel chick. Eggs, when available, are $80.00 per dozen.

Chicks are for local pickup/delivery only. Eggs can be shipped.